Beguiling, and Let’s Talk Revisions

Beguiling, Revised – 36″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas. Available.

October was an “Aha!” month. I painted over, or made necessary revisions to, five paintings! This is one of them. Its first identify (much darker) was chosen for a top-notch juried exhibition, and I personally liked it a lot. But I couldn’t hang it in my own home (although I tried), because it came off too severe. So I softened and whitened the daylights out of it.

For the curious, below is a photo of the original version. Last is a photo of the revision, hanging happily on the wall.

Beguiling – 36″x36″ acrylic on canvas.



Pianissimo – 36″x36″ acrylic on canvas. Available.


This painting is just off the easel. I will probably end up making some minor revisions, but thought I would post it in case someone wants to place an early claim on it. The photo above is a little too dark, but maybe more accurate with the colors than the lighter one below.

IMG_4187 (1)
Pianissimo – 36″x36″ acrylic on canvas. Available.