City Haze

Sometimes I’ll have a photo I love for the longest time and never paint it. I’ll keep telling myself, “It works in the photo, but you’ll never make that work as a painting.” Lately I’ve been taking those risky photos and just going for it. This is one of them, and I can’t put into words how happy this one made me feel when it was done. I was hoping to catch the feeling of that strange hazy lighting, where everything was grayed out, except for the occasional sharp lights catching a few of the edges.

"City Haze" - 40" x 30" Acrylic on Canvas. Available for Purchase.
“City Haze” – 40″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas. Available for Purchase.

McKay, Ground Level

This scene pulled me in because of the strong contrast between the shaded buildings and the sunlit ones. I also love the groupings of slim birch trees that are dotted throughout Monroe Center and Rosa Parks Circle. I suggested the trees ever-so-subtly in this very abstract piece.

McKay, Ground Level, 2nd shot
McKay, Ground Level – 40×30 Acrylic on Canvas. Available for purchase.