Fishtown – 30″x40″ acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.

Visitors to Leland, Michigan are familiar with this site. The historic shanties, docks and buildings in this remarkable setting are still in operation. My favorite shop is the Village Cheese Shanty. I cannot possibly visit Leland without stopping in. The sandwiches are definitely big enough to share, but this is one place where that does NOT happen! We always need to get two, so we can try more than one kind. My favorite is the sandwich made famous because well-known chef Mario Batali likes it: I think it’s called Lake Effect. You MUST try it if you’re ever up that way! And get the pretzel bun. The place is just a little hole-in-the-wall building, and priced so reasonably, but don’t let that fool you! OK, this is one of those posts where I forget that I’m blogging about art, not food! I fell into that trap last fall when I posted my eclair adventure while on a photo expedition.

I hope you can feel the kind of hot sun that makes your eyes squint as you view this painting. And I hope that the rest of your summer brings many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

Evening Sun on the Grand

Evening Sun on the Grand - 30
Evening Sun on the Grand – 30″x40″ acrylic on canvas. SOLD.

Don’t you love the way the sun–when it is low in the sky, either morning or evening–sheds an orangey-yellow light on its subjects? This view stopped me in my tracks while we were visiting ArtPrize exhibits with some friends last year. It is from the Ford Museum area, looking east across the Grand River.

Once this painting was complete, it was a challenge to get a photo to accurately portray the delicate balance of values and colors with which the painting communicates the shaded foreground and the effects of the striking sun in the background. We artists say this way too much, but it’s especially true on this painting: you need to see it in person.

Speaking of which, you are welcome to come visit my home gallery/studio any time. You don’t have to buy; just come to drink in some art, see my newly expanded studio, and have a little art chat. I do schedule appointments for visits; please use the Contact tab to start up a conversation, or call me on my cell: 616-723-6600.