LG-Unreality, revised

There are plenty of paintings I’ve abstracted in the past, where I ignore the reality in order to gain a desired result. However, there are certain boundaries I don’t cross concerning lighting. I usually stay consistent with the light’s effects from one object to the next in order to express something that is believable to the eyes.

I broke those rules a little on this painting to get some contrasts I wanted. You could say I created a bit of an unreality.

Paled By the Sun

Paled by the Sun - 16
Paled by the Sun – 20″x16″ acrylic on canvas

McKay Tower and Monroe Center show up once again. I’ve painted two similar views, but they were different angles, different intersections, and different lighting scenarios. OK, they were basically completely different paintings; but they all demonstrate my love for Monroe Center.

McKay, Ground Level

This scene pulled me in because of the strong contrast between the shaded buildings and the sunlit ones. I also love the groupings of slim birch trees that are dotted throughout Monroe Center and Rosa Parks Circle. I suggested the trees ever-so-subtly in this very abstract piece.

McKay, Ground Level, 2nd shot
McKay, Ground Level – 40×30 Acrylic on Canvas. Available for purchase.