Paled By the Sun

Paled by the Sun - 16
Paled by the Sun – 20″x16″¬†acrylic on canvas

McKay Tower and Monroe Center show up once again. I’ve painted two similar views, but they were¬†different angles, different intersections, and different lighting scenarios. OK, they were basically completely different paintings; but they all demonstrate my love for Monroe Center.

Red Awnings, McKay Tower

Red Awnings at McKay, 40
Red Awnings, McKay Tower, 40″x30″ acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.

This is my second painting of the ground-level corner of the McKay Tower in downtown Grand Rapids. Of course it includes my “signature” component: that luscious edge on the building where shade and sunlight meet! I will probably succeed in getting a better photo of the painting at some point in the future. (The shaded side of the building is actually a little darker in the original painting, I think.)