The Boat

LG-The Boat, lighter photo
The Boat – 48″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas. Available.

I simply had to have another go at the light on that boat, so I cropped in to make him the star. (See first painting, “Bayfront.”) As it turns out, however, the sky is my favorite part of this interpretation.

When a painting has a harmonious balance, all of the supporting players are important. The light values appear lighter when placed next to the dark values. And saturated hues are all the more delicious when sitting in close proximity to a muddy or neutral color. I also stay cognizant of busy areas versus calm areas. Just as it is in daily life, balance is key. There are some days when we are more successful at achieving it (balance) than others.


LG-Bayfront, darker
Bayfront – 48″ x 48″ acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.

On our trip to Petoskey to attend the reception held for myself and another artist at Somebody’s Gallery, we couldn’t pull ourselves away from this beautiful city; so we decided to extend our stay for an extra night.

On this second night, as we were once again cruising through our favorite Bayfront Park, my husband heard the familiar “OH MY WORD!”, which means he should turn the vehicle around at the next available corner and come at it again (because a stop never happens fast enough; not unless we want a rear-end pile-up). Coming around for a second time makes me impatient, because even the smallest fraction of delay can change the lighting conditions enough to lose my initial aha! moment. Thankfully, however, the second drive-by netted the amazing reflections of light that enraptured me the first time.

I’m attaching a second, lighter photo below, as the one above is possibly a little darker than the painting. The lighter photo misses the mark a little with the color of the sky.

I hope you enjoy this captured moment, and that you are seeing your own special moments around you, when the sun is showing off.

LG-Bayfront, lighter
Bayfront (lighter photo) – 48″ x 48″ acrylic on canvas. Available.


Lake View

LG-Lakeview, 2nd photo
Lake View – 30 x 40 acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.

My husband says he wants to live here, which is totally impossible because, although the lake and trees are indeed from a real photo reference, the house exists only in my imagination.

Island Life

LG-Island Life, Darker
Island Life – 30 x 40 acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.

Does this make you crave fudge, by any chance? Or a leisurely horse and carriage ride? There’s something unique about Mackinac Island that I’ve never experienced anywhere else. The lake, on the bright summer day I snapped this photo, looked bright blue like this. And that white building, with its reflection in the water… . My, oh my. It almost makes my eyes squint just thinking about it.

This is my second interpretation of the Mackinac Island docks. You may have seen the first one…titled “One Last Goodbye,” painted from a view during the fall when the island was closing down for the year. That first painting just came back from a juried exhibition where it won a very nice award.

Sunlight on the Dock

LG-Sunlight on the Dock, revised
Sunlight on the Dock – 20″x16″ – acrylic on canvas. Available.

This painting was interpreted from a photo I took during our adventures on Mackinac Island last year. I loved the way the glaring sun was washing out the old, white building. That’s my favorite part of Mackinac Island: old buildings.

Macatawa Greets the Evening

LG-Macatawa Greets the Evening
Macatawa Greets the Evening, 24″x36″ acrylic on canvas. Currently on exhibition at the Walburg Gallery in Grand Haven.

I knew this scene would be tricky to paint because of its dark values. But every time I scrolled by my photo, it beckoned to me.

We had been taking photographs at the Holland State Park, and were heading out. When we drove by these glowing lights (just past the channel, if you recognize the scene), I did that quick intake of breath which Dennis is becoming so familiar with! My camera hadn’t been ready, so we had to quickly circle around again. I almost didn’t catch the effect I was after; the lighting effects change so quickly at that time of dusk!


End of Dock

End of Dock, Revised
“End of Dock” – 36 x 48 acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.

Every once in awhile I just need a big abstract with strong contrasts of “blacks and creamy whites.” This one is so great in person.

If you saw this painting when it was first posted,  you might notice that it has been revised. It makes me much happier now.

Rosy Mound Trail

The photo is a little off on the color, but hopefully you can get the idea of the mood of this painting. The overcast sky gave this Lake Michigan scene an almost monochromatic effect.

Rosy Mound Trail - 40"x30" acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.
Rosy Mound Trail – 40″x30″ acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.