Place, 36″ x 48″ acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase at Somebody’s Gallery in Petoskey, MI.

I took some freedoms with this scene in Port Oneida Farms which has become so familiar to me. I need another visit up north to see it. Maybe this autumn?

I’m enjoying the cooler weather; how about you?


Old Schoolhouse Series, #2

LG-Old Schoolhouse Series #2, sat photo
Old Schoolhouse Series, #2 – 30″ x 40″ acrylic on canvas. Available.

This old schoolhouse, only a few miles from our house, is starting to get covered up by the encroaching trees. I’m a little worried they’re going to tear it down some day; so I grab a photo whenever I can.

This is the second painting I’ve done of it; the first was two years ago and it quickly sold. I’ve just started a third, much more modern and abstract interpretation of a close-up of the entrance. It will be a 48″ x 48″.


"Autumn in the City" - 30"x40" acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.
“Autumn in the City” – 30″x40″ acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.

Last weekend we hit peak color in my area of Michigan, so we took advantage of it and meandered around for three days. This was one of our stops one day, before we left Grand Rapids. Although I’ve painted this intersection a zillion times, these vibrant trees were screaming at me to catch them showing off! Who can argue when a tree is talking to you?

During our drives, we ate at a lovely place in Newaygo called River Stop Cafe. Old brick walls, extremely high ceilings, and delicious sandwiches. Just south of there near Grant was a farm market which demanded us to stop. Number one, it was called “Nelsons.” And number two, they advertised having the best long johns around. I’m currently on a quest to see if anybody can beat the long johns at Royal Dutch Bakery in Grandville (formerly known as Steenstra’s). Nelsons was good on certain levels (I was all prepared to give you my detailed critique, but then I remembered this is not a food blog); but Royal Dutch Bakery still claims first place for me.

Back to art. I’m painting furiously, before the wind drives all the beautiful leaves off the trees. I’m afraid that once the color outside of my windows is gone, I will lose my inspiration to paint it, even though I have it recorded on some amazing photographs. I know me. I love neutrals; and once the countryside takes on the peaceful, washed-out hues of dried grasses and corn stalks, and the bare trees become elegant statues silhouetted against the steely-gray skies… . My heart will follow.

Autumn’s Light

"Autumn's Light" - 30"x40" acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.
“Autumn’s Light” – 30″x40″ acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.

After two weeks of vacation, and three weeks of being rather sick, I am so happy to be back at the easel!! I was worried I might have forgotten how to paint.

This scene is from photos I took last fall. It is way out in the country, south of us. In fact, it’s so far out, Dennis and I cannot remember the name of the streets that intersect right next to this building. The old structure looks like it might have been a school house, with the front, shallow building serving as an entryway. There were two skinny poles at the peak of the roof which looked like they might have supported a bell at one time.

I hope you’re getting a chance to see some great colors of autumn. Many blessings to you all!