A Drone-Enabled Painting

Planting – 30″ x 40″ acrylic on canvas. Available.


My ideal place to live would be on the top of a hill, surrounded by fields and crops, and allowing me to see for long, long distances. When we go for drives, those hilltop views (when we can find them) grab hold of me and make me NEED TO PAINT.

Last autumn, I was seriously longing for a ride in a small plane, so I could see even farther. Then it dawned on me: I could make that happen with a drone. Duh!

The painting above was inspired by a photo from our subsequent purchase of a DJI Mavic Mini. The fields were half under clouds, and most of them not yet planted; the painting therefore includes plenty of artistic license. I can’t wait to see what delights present themselves, now that planting season is finally here.

May your weekend be filled with many peaceful views.


Can’t You See a Truck is Coming and Blowing its Horn?!

Can't You See a Truck, final
“Can’t You See a Truck is Coming and Blowing its Horn?!” 36×48 acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.
Version 2
Close-up, bottom left

I continue to experiment with transparent foundational washes, and letting them show through the thin subsequent layers. It all starts with a big wide brush in hand, a huge white canvas, and an idea in my head. Once that drippy foundation gets underway, though, anything can happen. Sometimes the paints and canvas insist on having their own way! In the end, it’s all about harmony.

The day I captured this photo, I was disappointed that the semi got “in the way” of the intriguing road with its rolling hills. I can’t imagine that now, because the truck soon became my favorite part of the photo.

Speaking of the truck, you deserve an explanation for the title, “Can’t You See a Truck is Coming and Blowing its Horn?!” It happens to be the first thing Dennis said when he saw this painting. If you’re a fan of the old Jerry Lewis comedies, you may recognize the phrase from the movie, “It’s Only Money.” It’s the scene where Jerry is trying to get oblivious fishermen to move out of his way while he drives a truck out on a pier. Because the whole scene cracks us up, we have found many ways over the years to use its phrases in everyday life. Another one is, “You’ve made my living life no death.” How you can even live your life WITHOUT this phrase is beyond me!   🙂  Another must-see scene in this movie is Jerry’s ad libbing when he accidentally gets shaving creme in his eye. Rent the movie; it’s definitely one of Jerry’s best.