Behind the Old Art Building Again

LG-Behind the Old Art Bldg Again
Behind the Old Art Building Again – 24×24 acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.

I was not able to participate in Leland’s Plein Air Event this year, as I was attending LaFontsee Gallery’s reception for the opening of their Douglas location. So, in honor of the Old Art Building there in Leland, I just had to paint another version of it.

Untitled Bridge

Untitled – 30 x 40 Acrylic on Canvas. Available for purchase.

I’m stuck, trying to name this painting, and would love your suggestions. You are invited to come on over to my Facebook art page and give me your idea(s) there by posting a comment. If I end up choosing somebody’s title, I would be more than happy to express my thanks by sending you a pack of note cards with my paintings on them.

Thanks, friends.

Trees in the Park

LG-Trees in the Park
Trees in the Park – 48″x48″ acrylic on canvas.

If you’re from the Grand Rapids area, you may be able to identify the optical illusion of this scene: the building is actually behind my camera and is being reflected on a glass building in front of me, beyond the trees.

Rosa Parks Circle and Monroe Center continue to provide me with inspiring harmonies of nature alongside structure.

North Pier

LG-North Pier, darker
“North Pier” – 24×24 acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. Available for purchase.

This is a view of the north pier at South Haven, as seen from the south pier, which has the more memorable lighthouse. There was no wind the day I took this photo…very unusual for Lake Michigan…so both the lake and the channel were flat and calm. I therefore chose to interpret this scene with lovely neutral colors.

I had a hard time catching the essence of the painting’s colors in a photograph; the original is definitely a little different in person.


LG-Unreality, revised

There are plenty of paintings I’ve abstracted in the past, where I ignore the reality in order to gain a desired result. However, there are certain boundaries I don’t cross concerning lighting. I usually stay consistent with the light’s effects from one object to the next in order to express something that is believable to the eyes.

I broke those rules a little on this painting to get some contrasts I wanted. You could say I created a bit of an unreality.


LG-Wires, revised
“Wires” – 36×48 acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.

I snapped this photo during my last expedition to downtown Grand Rapids. The photo originally included the street and a bunch of other “noise.” But I often crop like crazy to get to what I really want: for me, it was these wires. In real life, there were about three times as many wires as what I painted.

Sunlight on the Dock

LG-Sunlight on the Dock, revised
Sunlight on the Dock – 20″x16″ – acrylic on canvas. Available.

This painting was interpreted from a photo I took during our adventures on Mackinac Island last year. I loved the way the glaring sun was washing out the old, white building. That’s my favorite part of Mackinac Island: old buildings.

Tree Energy

LG-Tree Energy
Tree Energy – 24″x30″ acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.

This painting was a “do over,” so the canvas is rich and thick with texture! That’s how I like my forest paintings.

It’s time for a confession. When this painting was first completed, I disliked it so much, I put it in another room, facing the wall. (Kind of like a time out! Aww, poor painting.) A few months later, I picked up the canvas to see what it was, and lo and behold, I fell instantly in love with it! I could not believe how I hadn’t seen its beauty before. Maybe it was because as I was painting it, it wasn’t developing as I was expecting. Who knows? What I love about it now is the pure energy of it. And the colors. And the texture. What’s not to love about this painting?! I am sure there is a good life lesson here.