Redeemed – 36″x36″ acrylic on canvas. Available.

An abandoned house may not be the first choice when searching for a subject of loveliness to grace the walls of a home. But who can deny its beauty when seen through the eyes of the one who holds the paintbrush?

If it was up to me, I would purchase this building, and then cleanse and restore the interior so that life would once again flow in and out, and the structure would fulfill its intended purpose of functionality and fruitfulness. But I wouldn’t cover over the chipped paint and other scars on the outside. For some reason, that is beautiful to me, and tells the story of a hard-fought existence, and possible battle wounds that brought it this far. The history may have been painful, but the redemption process would change everything.

Old Schoolhouse Series, #3, The Door

LG-Old Schoolhouse Series, #3, The Door
Old Schoolhouse Series, #3, The Door – 48″ x 48″ acrylic on canvas. Available.

If you saw my last blog post, you know I’m on a roll with this treasured schoolhouse. This close-up was calling for a very large (48″ x 48″) interpretation, which also meant that it would have to be approached with a slightly more modern feel. You may not be able to tell by the photo, but the painting fades off on the bottom portion to an untouched white canvas, except for the 3 drips which made their way down right at the beginning and claimed their place.

Painting Full-Time has published a new blog, expanding on advice from myself and another artist who was featured in their magazine, about how we made the transition to full-time artist. For those who have considered this possibility for yourself, maybe this article will be helpful. In any case, you may find the thought process interesting.


The photo above is my “Thinking Corner” in my art studio. A lot of truly deep thoughts happen there! I’ve been reorganizing my house (and with it, a little fresh decorating); and it was my art studio’s turn to get in on the action. Some chalk-painting was required…of existing furniture, frames, and so on. Consequently, I haven’t been painting…or posting…much in the last month in the way of “fine art.” But stay with me. Yesterday my husband took me on a drive in the country, and the lighting was just perfect for some amazing inspirational scenes, which I trust will soon turn into paintings.

Happy Painting! Happy Art Collecting!