“Can’t You See a Truck is Coming and Blowing its Horn?!” made the cover page of Acrylic Artist Magazine.
The opening spread to my 10-page article features “Autumn in the City.”



I paint in a unique style: with somewhat abstract brush and knife work, and yet realistic colors and lighting conditions. This results in a memorable scene that strikes a chord with most viewers.

My painting process is fast, high-energy and intuitive. An intense three-way conversation between the scene, the canvas, and me. My tools are palette knives, bristle brushes, forks, brayers, combs, and other random objects. The bold strokes express my preference for strong, masculine lines, no matter the subject.

Over the last few years, I’ve been further exploring the many uses of transparent acrylics, both in the foundational wash and to heighten color over previously existing opaque layers, without covering over them. I enjoy sharing these unexpected discoveries, which I’ve written about on my Acrylic Tips page, and on the Artists Network blog.



In 2009, God began opening Karin’s interests to the field of art, and she began experimenting with paintings. (Before that, she had not so much as taken an art class in high school.) Her passion and skill grew quickly, and by the end of that year, her paintings were selling at a local store. In 2010, she quit her administrative job to pursue painting full-time. Karin says, “It still seems like a dream. But God keeps opening doors, so I keep stepping through.” She gives God credit for giving her private art lessons along the way in her self-taught path. It continues to be an amazing adventure, in partnership with the Creator of the universe!

Karin lives in Wyoming with her husband of 41 years. They have three grown children, a son-in-law, and two precious granddaughters.


Karin has over 250 paintings in PUBLIC, CORPORATE, and PRIVATE COLLECTIONS, including:

  • Holland Hospital, Holland, MI (9 paintings)
  • Haworth Corporation (Office of  Chairman Matthew Haworth), Holland, MI
  • City of Grand Rapids, MI
  • Holland Museum (permanent collection), Holland, MI
  • Pennock Hospital, Hastings, MI
  • Crisis Care Network
  • Warner, Norcross & Judd
  • Many professional and financial offices


  • 2017 Everybody in the Pool – LaFontsee Galleries (Douglas, MI)
  • 2017 Freshly Considered – LaFontsee Galleries (GR, MI)
  • 2016 Fall – LaFontsee Galleries (GR, MI)
  • 2016 Solo Exhibition, Holland Area Arts Council (Holland, MI)
  • 2016 Toast – LaFontsee Galleries (Douglas, MI)
  • 2016 Regional Art Exhibition (GR Festival of the Arts)
  • 2016 Everybody in the Pool – LaFontsee Galleries (Douglas, MI)
  • 2016 Collective Alchemy – LaFontsee Galleries (GR, MI)
  • 2016 New Faces – Wahlburg Gallery (Grand Haven, MI)
  • 2015 Muskegon Museum of Art, Regional Exhibition
  • 2015 Regional Art Exhibition (GR Festival of the Arts)
  • 2014 MI Arts Visual Competition (Holland, MI)
  • 2014 Regional Art Exhibition (GR Festival of the Arts)
  • 2012 Regional Art Exhibition (GR Festival of the Arts)
  • 2011 MI Arts Visual Competition (Holland, MI)
  • 2011 Regional Art Exhibition (GR Festival of the Arts)
  • 2011 Celebration of the Arts  (GR, MI)
  • 2010 Regional Art Exhibition (GR Festival of the Arts)
  • 2010-2015: Art Prize (Grand Rapids, MI)


  • 2016/17 Finalist in Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition, Landscape Category
  • 2016 Experience Grand Rapids: Hot City, Cool Art Billboard (See LINK)
  • 2016 Heule Memorial Award (GR Exhibition)
  • 2016 Featured Artist in Fall, 2016 issue of Acrylic Artist Magazine
  • 2015 Warner, Norcross & Judd Purchase Award (GR Exhibition)
  • 2015 Sam Afendoulis Memorial Award (GR Exhibition)
  • 2015 Eunice Gavan Purchase Award (GR Exhibition)
  • 2014 – Winner of Poster Contest for nationally-renowned Tulip Time Festival *(see below)
  • 2014 Warner, Norcross & Judd Purchase Award (GR Exhibition)
  • 2014 City of Grand Rapids Purchase Award (GR Exhibition)
  • 2011 ILF Award (GR Exhibition)
  • 2011 Warner, Norcross & Judd Purchase Award (GR Exhibition)




Painting Grand Rapids

Painting “Upside Down”

Live Painting at Muskegon Museum of Art


“Resilience” – Winner of 2014 Tulip Time Poster Contest

Many people are curious about Karin’s experience winning the 2014 Tulip Time Poster Contest. Click on any of these links which may be of interest to you:

Order posters, prints, note cards, mugs, etc. from Tulip Time

Announced Winner at 2014 Banquet

Tulip Time Parade


Link to Karin’s Facebook Art page

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  1. “Shadow Lover” great title for the article. You always showed great insight in your ” shadow play” on your canvas.


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