The Pursued

The Pursued, 36″x36″ acrylic on canvas. Available.

Of all the gorgeous vistas to be enjoyed on the scenic drives in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, this is my favorite, because of the barn.

I knew that barn was down there (can you feel the intensity in my words?!?!), and wanted to catch it with strong angled light before the sun got too low. However, there were many things working against me: 1) It took longer to race there from our campground than I thought. 2) We forgot to bring our National Park pass, and wasted precious moments talking the man in the booth into letting us have free entrance, just 15 minutes before it was going to be free for the evening anyway…sheesh. 3) We didn’t know which scenic pull-off it was on, so we had to zoom in and out of a number of them before we found it. (Picture, if you will, an occasional intense conversation between driver and passenger-also-known-as-artist along the lines of, “This is it.” “No, this can’t be it.” I’m sure it’s not this one.” “But how do you KNOW? We don’t dare miss it, because we won’t have time to come back!!” And so on. 4) Last of all, I forgot to bring my zoom camera; all I had was my iPhone, and this view is a very long way down!

But as you can see by the painting, in spite of the challenges, the pursuit paid off, elevated pulse rate, and all! And to think that viewers of this piece have described it as “serene.” I love it.

Until next time,