Top of Hill

Top of Hill – 48×48 acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.

Isn’t this a common sight in the country? I would build my home on the top of a hill, too, if given the opportunity.

Maybe you will enjoy this video of the finished painting in my studio. I have to straddle these large canvases on two easels. Any larger (such as 60″x48″ vertical), and they have to be hung on the wall to be painted.

2 thoughts on “Top of Hill

  1. Karin,

    I love this! The striking thing to me is-it looks like a somewhat glum day, but you manage to make it strikingly bright and luminous. Awesome.

    Best Regards,




    1. Thanks, Jeff! I’m glad it’s coming through that way, because you’re right: it was an overcast day. Of course, artists are allowed and even expected to take artistic license; but the tricky part comes in making the conditions believable when introducing any brightness or color that is not truly present. In this case, there was some brightness shining through the clouds in the area above the barn.


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