Take Two: Stop and Drink It In

LG-Stop and Drink It In.jpg
“Middle of Nowhere” (previously titled “Stop and Drink It In”) – (revised), 36×36 acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.

After living with the first version (below) for a day, I realized I’d never be satisfied with the area above the trees. I am drawn to value contrasts, and the old version didn’t have enough of it for me. It also didn’t have enough “happy white” in the sky to offset the darker clouds.

The quality of light in the photo makes it look like I changed a lot of things. All I changed is the color of the band of sky that goes directly above the trees. And I pushed the tops of some of the trees down a little in the process.


Apparently, I should have taken my own advice to “stop and drink it in” (drink in the painting, that is) before I posted it.

Addendum: The changes keep happening on this painting! I’ve decided to change the title to “Middle of Nowhere,” because that was my original idea, and at least two followers who have commented on it have mentioned it looks like it is “in the middle of nowhere.” It was meant to be.

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