Dignity Through the Storm

Version 2
“Dignity Through the Storm” – 30×40 acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.

This is an interpretation of a photo my cousin-in-law took of a hotel on the beach of St. Augustine, FL, just after Hurricane Matthew came through.

It originally caught my attention because of its appealing colors and composition. But as I painted it, I kept pondering the significance of a beautiful piece of architecture which, although littered with the rubble of a tremendous storm, and doors and windows boarded over, still shines through with its beauty of form.

Of course, the spiritual analogy couldn’t escape me. Even when we are walking through the most difficult trial of our lives, with God’s grace, we can weather the storm with strength and dignity of spirit, not to mention His promised peace.

2 thoughts on “Dignity Through the Storm

  1. Good morning Karin: this painting and story are simply beautiful-I’m wondering where I might find the price for this piece?

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    1. Hi, Colleen. Thank you so much; I’m glad the painting speaks to you. The price for this 30″x40″ is $1,800. It is painted on a thick (1.5 inch) gallery wrapped canvas, so no framing is required. Please let me know if you are interested, and I will reserve it for you. Thanks again! -Karin


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