"Illuminated!" - 40"x30" acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.
“Illuminated!” – 40″x30″ acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase.
Foreground portion of "Illuminated!",  with better lighting.
Hopefully this photo will give you a better idea of the foreground portion of “Illuminated!”. In real life, it’s not as light as this, but at least it shows more detail than the full photo at the top. Ah, the limitations of photography in trying to accurately depict a painting.  🙂

I stumbled upon this amazing view while meandering through the marina on our way home from Holland State Park. The sailboats were catching the last light of day and bouncing it back from their illuminated sterns so strongly, it was as if they were their own light source — in the same way the moon appears to be a light, even though it’s just reflecting the sun. It reminds me of my Father’s instruction about being a reflection of His glory. “Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.” Mt. 5:15.

This 40″x30″ painting is available for purchase.

One thought on “Illuminated!

  1. Karin, this is such a lovely painting. So many details which display the depth of your artistic perception.
    You continue to amaze us again and again. We are thankful and proud of you as our daughter.

    Hugs, Mom


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