My Art in Holland Hospital

Yesterday was the first time I’ve been inside the Holland Hospital. What a beautiful building; it exudes the feeling of a gracious manor, not a cold, sterile box like we often picture medical facilities to be. Now I feel even more honored to have my paintings there! Four so far.

Three of my pieces are on the 5th floor; in fact, the “Clock Tower” greets you first thing when the elevator doors open. My most recent installation there is in the Boven Birth Center on the 1st floor (the green birches).

My thanks to Mindi Freng, the designer who pulls the art together in such a beautiful manner for the hospital. I enjoy seeing the frames she chooses for my art, because most of my clients purchase my paintings without a frame.

“Clock Tower” greets you first thing when you step off the elevator on the 5th floor.


“In the Green Forest #7” is located in the Boven Birth Center on the first floor.


“Zeeland Approaching,” one of my favorites, is located on the 5th floor by the nurse’s station.


Vibrant Tulips – 16″ x 20″ acrylic

The final painting on the 5th floor is this tulip painting, which I just realized today…I never signed!!

5 thoughts on “My Art in Holland Hospital

  1. Someone at Holland Hospital knows how to choose great art. This looks really nice.
    Lynne and I continue to have many comments on the 2 paintings we have.
    Keep up the great work.


  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how I love the birch paintings!!!!!!! …and I haven’t seen a tulip painting of yours yet that I didn’t like! 🙂 Holland Hospital has good taste!


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