New Video: Painting Grand Rapids

People often ask me, “How long does it take to do a painting?” It varies greatly, from the occasional one-day wonders, to the pieces that never do get finished! I guess the stats tell this story, though: I sold 51 paintings last year, so I apparently complete on average one per week. Of course, that doesn’t count the fails (which we like to call “learning experiences”).

This video documents a piece that was painted in one day…while my son Jonny Nelson taped the process. The fast clips and energetic music are an accurate representation of what goes on in my head while I’m painting “in the zone.” More about that in another post. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the short video!


McKay, Ground Level
Ground Level, McKay Tower – 40″x30″ acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas

8 thoughts on “New Video: Painting Grand Rapids

  1. Wow that was fun to hear what’s in your head while painting. Intriguing to see the painting develop too. I tried to post this after the video, but I must not be doing it right. Keep it up, Karin!! Marilyn


  2. That was an awesome video!!! You and Jonny did a Great job making video!!!!!!! What a talented family!!! LOVE

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    1. Aww, that’s so sweet, Pam. Thanks so much! Jon was a riot to work with. I usually can’t paint with anybody in the studio with me. But Jonny is so artsy himself, he just pulled it right out of me!


  3. I don’t know HOW you do it!! It all comes together to an amazing finish! All I can say is “WOW”! 🙂


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